Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Celebrate the dress Photoshoot-Wedding Photographer Chester, Sal Norris Photography

Over the last couple of years there has been a new craze in Wedding Photography, a post wedding 'Trash the dress' photoshoot where the bride pops on that beautiful dress she paid a fortune for and jumps in a river, rolls in the mud, runs through a field, really any manner of things that you would never have dreamt of doing in your beautiful dress on the day of your wedding.

Now then, Im not knocking those shoots, go for your life and have fun in your dress and achieve the images you have in your mind. That really is my point in writing this post...The ability to achieve the images you have in your mind. For some of you, that may be you and your hubby in a horse and cart, for others a kiss on the lawn of a country manor. For Kirsty, it was images of her in her princess like wedding dress at a castle (or something close to it)......plus in pink shoes, blowing bubbles and a number of other things too!

Kirsty and Adam married in April and six months to the day later she put her beautiful Wedding dress back on for a 'Celebrate the dress photoshoot' where she could have fun with all the props, poses and backdrops that she wanted, without the time constraints of her wedding day.

Seeing the smile on Kirsty's face the moment she had her dress back on, made me remember that special feeling you have in your dress from the very first moment you try it on in the shop. What a great idea to put it on again and have some fun in it, achieving images you've always dreamt of.

Here is a little selection of the images from Kirsty's Celebrate the dress photoshoot

Sal x

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