Friday, 13 August 2010

Heather & Simon's Manchester Wedding-Sal Norris Photography, Chester Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Its a Wedding frenzy right now, but Ive found a few seconds to give you a little update on a Wedding from a couple of weeks ago....

Heather & Simon held their Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the Hallmark Hotel near to Manchester Airport.

I think the Hallmark has had a refurb pretty recently as the interior is really swanky, with some lovely pieces of furniture and great colours adorning the walls. I made good use of these as during the morning and immediately after the ceremony we enjoyed typical British weather-it tipped down!

All the girls getting ready, final finishing touches and an approving glance from mum!

Making use of some of the fun and funky colours found around the venue. Is is just me or do you agree that Heather has a slight Martine McCutcheon look??

Heather's favourite colour is red, which they used in the theme of the day, so I hope they will really love this image of them sharing a moment after the ceremony ...

I like to try to create playful images, who wants to look through pages and pages of stuffy wedding pictures?? This Chaise Lounge made the perfect spot for a fresh & modern shot.

And finally....the sun shines on the righteous! ...well on the new Mr & Mrs Beedie anyway!

Congratulations guys and thanks for choosing Sal Norris Photography xx


  1. oh la la!!! What a beautiful bride!

  2. Tracey said....the pic's are fabulous i Carn't wait to see the rest

  3. Fabulous pics should be in a brides magazine. Looking forward to seeing the rest. It will be hard to choose the ones to keep. x

  4. You go mr beedie!

  5. gwannnn mr b

  6. Mr Beedie looking hot as ever with his wife who i so wish was me! Mr S im going to start calling you for Simon..Loving the suit, you rock MR! love you so much! xxxxxxx foxy

  7. Fit bird sir well played

  8. Weedings by Beedie BRAP

  9. I wish I could have a husband like Simon Beedie